Meet the Designer

For Eva, designing is not just a profession, it is an all consuming passion. Since her first year of secondary school, she just knew where she was heading and was preparing for the world of fashion from a tender age.

Being fully aware of each step of the production is a must. The idea, the initial concept, the drawing is but the first step. A professional designer has to know and understand whether the design of her dreams is really feasible. To get from the drawing board to reality, Eva understands fabrics and all their idiosyncrasies, cutting, tailoring and the techniques to bring her designs to life.

She has another passion too, horses.  She realised early on that when she rode she was not particularly comfortable and was unimpressed with what was available. It seemed a natural choice for Eva to bring her two loves together, to design clothes for riders.

For Eva, as a rider herself, believes that riders should honour their horses with elegant, comfortable clothes. Clothing she believes, should accentuate the elegance and noble grace of our horses.

Eva’s target was to create a brand which honours the roots of equestrian sports, never forgetting the elegance and nobility of the sport but taking advantage of fabric technology to create a vibrant, fashionable brand.

Lotus Romeo celebrates the modern but keeps to the rules of classical elegance. Jackets and Tails that Riders can wear proudly and comfortably for years knowing they look fabulous for every show and class.